Reports and Journal Articles:

Are We Listening? Acting on Our Commitments to Women and Girls Affected by the Syrian Conflict | International Rescue Committee, September 2014

On the Same Bodies: Exploring the Shared Historical Legacy of Violence Against Women and Reproductive Injustice | Race and Social Justice Law Review at the University of Miami – Volume 5, Issue 2

Unmuddling the Muddled Middle: Pollitt’s Passionate Call to Action | Signs Journal – Summer 2016

Reporting and Commentary:

Hurricane Relief In the Spirit of Ella Baker | In These Times – October 2017

Legal and still a crime: Abortion laws to watch out for in Trump’s America | Salon – December 2017

Learning from grief, learning from rage — progressive survival under Donald Trump will require both | Salon – November 2016

New black-brown alliances in Houston could set a pattern for grassroots progressive change | Salon – November 2016

“I am a big fan of Hindu”: Donald Trump’s hideous love affair with Hindu nationalism| Salon – October 2016

How our broken bail system punishes domestic-abuse survivors — and empowers abusers | Salon – October 2016

Support shams: Anti-abortion clinics masquerading as pregnancy support centers | Salon – September 2016

A “failed policy based on failed research”: The destructive legacy of Bill Clinton’s 1996 welfare reform act | Salon – August 2016

The conversation on Zika needs more than alarm bells: 5 things we must keep in mind | Salon – August 2016

Backlash against Texas prosecutor: Devon Anderson under scrutiny after jailing rape victims | Salon – August 2016

The case of Purvi Patel: How Mike Pence won his crusade against abortion in Indiana | Salon- August 2016

“A step in a long staircase toward equal access to freedom”: Supreme Court’s abortion ruling a small victory in a neverending fight | Salon – July 2016

Cognitive dissonance: Obama says he stands with America’s immigrants — but his policies say otherwise | Salon – June 2016

It’s Not Really About Bathrooms: Why the Trans Fight is About Human Rights | YES! Magazine – Summer 2016

Cognitive dissonance: Obama says he stands with America’s immigrants — but his policies say otherwise | Salon – June 2016

Understanding one of the most critical Supreme Court cases of the year: HB2 and the fate of abortion access in Texas | Salon – June 2016

Criminal injustice in Texas: Thousands stay jailed in just one county because they can’t pay bail — and it’s happening all over the U.S. | Salon – June 2016

Abortion rights at stake: Purvi Patel and the fate of pregnant women in Indiana | Salon – May 2016

There’s a new battle raging in California over history textbooks. Here’s what you need to know | Salon – May 2016

The government’s cold-blooded anti-immigrant scam: How ICE is outsourcing detention and deportation to local police | Salon – May 2016

The dark road to criminalizing pregnancy: Why everyone should care about the “feticide” conviction of Purvi Patel | Salon – May 2016

The GOP has blood on its hands: How its anti-trans smear campaign is spreading not just hate, but violence too | Salon – April 2016

Trans Americans are under attack: Why North Carolina’s draconian anti-discrimination repeal is just the tip of the iceberg | Salon – April 2016

This problem is much bigger than Trump: Why abortion rights in America are becoming more endangered by the day | Salon – April 2016

The conversation we need to have about infanticide | Salon – March 2016

The end of real choice in Texas: This is what would happen if SCOTUS doesn’t intervene | Salon – March 2016

The Supreme Court’s massive abortion case: Everything you need to know about Whole Women’s Health vs. Hellerstedt | Salon – February 2016

Facebook’s shameful “colonial” ambitions: Why it’s aggressive play for Indian users was rightfully banned | Salon – February 2016

The Sandra Bland case hasn’t gone away: What you need to know about ongoing legal battles | Salon – February 2016

“Abandoned by the state:” How the Zika crisis highlights shameful blind spots in reproductive health | Salon – February 2016

America’s secret history of forced sterilization: remembering a disturbing and not-so-distant past | Salon – January 2016

Don’t let Obama off the hook: Anti-immigrant hysteria isn’t just a GOP problem | Salon – January 2016

Hillary Clinton’s abortion game-changer: Why her call for abandoning the Hyde Amendment is important | Salon – January 2016

Donald Trump’s hateful message is literally poisonous | Salon – January 2016

“None of us belong in this cage:” Why hunger strikes are spreading to immigration detention centers across the country | Salon – December 2015

The terror behind Daniel Holtzclaw: The horrific truth about police & serial abuse | Salon – December 2015

Gun violence is America’s cardinal sin: Why we won’t do anything about a raging epidemic | Salon – December 2015

America’s shameful & incoherent fear: Why our rush to demonize refugees is so disturbing | Salon – November 2015

America’s disturbing epidemic of police violence revealed: “When the person who sexually assaults you is a police officer, who do you call?” | Salon – November 2015

Fallen HERO: The Campaign That Couldn’t Save Houston | Texas Observer – November 2015

The twisted, authoritarian logic of population control: Why the end of China’s “one child” policy isn’t nearly enough | Salon – October 2015

Unmuddling the Muddled Middle: Pollitt’s Passionate Call to Action | Signs Journal – Short Takes – October 2015

Trump’s birthright citizenship insanity isn’t going away: How Texas is trying to screw over the children of immigrants | Salon – October 2015

The modern horrors of India’s ancient injustice: How a government has abandoned millions—and they are fighting back | Salon – October 2015

The discomfiting truth about white feminism: Meryl Streep, Amy Poehler & the movement’s long history of racial insensitivity | Salon – October 2015

The GOP’s campaign to wreck mothers’ lives: Why its anti-abortion crusade goes way farther than Planned Parenthood  | Salon – October 2015

America’s “religious liberty” fiasco: What Kim Davis, the GOP & Ahmed Mohamed reveal about our stunted priorities  | Salon – October 2015

We must learn from Ahmed Mohamed: These are the true perils of Islamophobia in democracy | Salon – September 2015

The terror after the terror: America still hasn’t reckoned with the disgrace of post-9/11 hate crimes | Salon – September 2015

How the GOP Primary became the race to channel America’s racist id | Salon – September 2015

“The sheriff treats us as though we are criminals”: Inside the struggle for justice at the Texas jailhouse where Sandra Bland died | Salon – August 2015

Welcome to Internment Nation | Salon – August 2015

50 years of creeping injustice: Inside the fight to save voting rights in America | Salon – August 2015

The Planned Parenthood hoax is the GOP’s Trojan horse: How Republicans are hijacking the national conversation | Salon – August 2015

How we’re failing Sandra Bland: Mainstream feminists need to do more to fight for women of color | Salon – July 2015

Bobby Jindal’s Obsession with “colorblindness” is everything wrong with the GOP’s racial politics | Salon – July 2015

The Curious Case of Nikki Haley: What the Republican Governor Can Tell Us About American Racial Identity | Salon – June 2015

Rachel Dolezal Isn’t the Story: 4 Other Outrages We Need to Stop Ignoring | Salon – June 2015

The Dangerous Myths About Domestic Violence that are Putting LGBTQ People at Risk | Salon – June 2015

Antonin Scalia Still Hasn’t Changed His Ways: The Truth About the Supreme Court and Religious Discrimination | Salon – June 2015

Shades of Amrita | Bitch Magazine – Blue Issue – Summer 2015

Serial and the Power of Storytelling | The Crunk Feminist Collective – January 2015

Citizenship and Silence: Speaking the Stories Aloud : The Crunk Feminist Collective

Love It/Shove It: Not Exactly Gang Affiliated | Bitch Magazine, Issue 64 – Fall 2014

Abortion’s Underground Railroad | In These Times Magazine

On Jill Abramson, Race and the Politics of Recognition | Crunk Feminist Collective

Sex- Selective Abortion Bans Highlight Faultlines in the Reproductive Rights Movement | RH Reality Check

The Western Gaze: On Photography in the Two-Thirds World | Crunk Feminist Collective

Preparations Underway: (Re)Visiting Indian Anti-Violence Activists | On the Move: Move to End Violence

Reproductive Injustice and the ‘War on Women’ or, An Ode to the Intersections | Crunk Feminist Collective

One Lesson From Texas: Legal Abortion Means Nothing Without Access | RH Reality Check

The Unending Heartbreak of Great Expectations: Why I Can’t Watch The Mindy Project Anymore  | Crunk Feminist Collective

In the Cleveland Kidnapping Case, Bystander Intervention Worked. What Happens When It Doesn’t? | The Nation

A Theory of Violence: In Honor of Kasandra, CeCe, Victoria, Savita and Anonymous | Crunk Feminist Collective

Are Men More Violent? | Salon

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